A very brief overview of OS and concurrent programming topics

Gopher reading a Go programming language book
Gopher reading a Go programming language book

Why? The bigger picture

A curious discovery led me down a weird rabbit hole of confusion

Blogging is new to me

Where it all began, how/why I decided to change careers during a global crisis, and where I am today

A photo of me in front of the family desktop computer in 2006, likely playing RuneScape

My motivation and origin story

My experience with a loaded, and somewhat uncomfortable term, and why it doesn’t have to be so bad


What is Networking?

Resources to start unit testing React applications with the latest tools such as Jest and react-testing-library


How to find, develop and make your first pull request, and become a contributing member of an open source project

What is Open Source?


Exploring use cases, and how I recently fell in love with Next



A closer look at the linear data structure


Singly Linked List

An introduction to data structures and abstract data types

JavaScript data structures
JavaScript data structures

What are data structures?

Creating, submitting, and appending content without refreshing the webpage


Have a working Rails app with a User, Video/Post/Other, and a Comments joining model

Gabriel Hicks

Software Engineer from Iowa, living in NYC. Interested in new technologies and exploring opportunities to grow. https://gabrielhicks.dev

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